A team of highly experienced teachers, with more than 40 years of experience, are tasked to ensure the best for your ward. The Student is prepared for their most important examination in their academic career in a result oriented and professional manner. The students are taught logical interpretations and their fundamentals are cleared to ensure best results. Weekly knowledge check and monthly written tests are conducted to ensure progress and the same is communicated on a regular basis. Complete responsibility for the results is taken by the academy to allow parents to be stress free during these important years. Parents are encouraged to create a healthy warm and conducive atmosphere for the students to succeed

Courses Offered:

  • Standards 11th & 12th PCM + JEE Main/CET.
  • Standards 11th & 12th PCMB+ JEE Main/CET+Medical Entrance.
  • Standards 11th & 12th PCM + JEE Main/CET+JEE Advanced.
  • Standards 11th & 12th PCB + Medical Entrance.

AIM’S XCELLENCE ACADEMY Offer Coaching for 11th and 12th Standard Students. It also prepares them for entrance exams like JEE Main / CET (Engineering Entrance), JEE Advanced (IIT Entrance) and Medical Entrance. With experienced faculty, result-oriented content and intensive test series (Boards + IIT JEE Main Advanced / Medical Entrance) AIM’S XCELLENCE ACADEMY aims to create a profound impact on students learning and achievements in the field of Science.

Objectives of the Course

AIM’S XCELLENCE ACADEMY has created tailored courses for students who aspire to get into IIT or any other prestigious Engineering or Medical college in India. The course aims to guide students to understand the concepts and their applications in detail. Intensive testing result high scores in competitive exams.

Teaching Methodology

AIM’S XCELLENCE ACADEMY teachers adopt flipped classroom teaching. Using a learning management system. This methodology ensures better comprehension, higher retention and application of concepts tests. The teacher then covers the same topic in class, thus ensuring a higher level of interaction and knowledge flow. At the end of each class the teacher releases one or more MCQ test through the teacher app to the students. This result in better retention, Teachers monitor all student activity and performance on the Learning Management System enabling a more personalized learning.