International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE):

As IGCSE is pre dominantly exam based international curriculum and do not corresponds to any conventional method related to national curriculum or state boards in teaching standards, it takes an extra effort to re-strategize in forming the teaching techniques. We at Aim’s Xcellence Academy take it as a pride to inform that we are one of the few classes which has a IGCSE module for students who like to
have their education through IGCSE in the suburbs.

Salient features for IGCSE includes:

a) Consistent Repetition:- Given lectures are revised again in the next session thoroughly so as the extensive topics of subjects are not delinked.

b) Best Teachers :- Teachers specialized in having the knowledge of IGCSE is recruited so that student is well informed and be attentive.

c) Easy Step:- Smart way of not intermixing two topics of same difficult level at one instance.

d) Self assessment:- Students are made to explain the attended topics so as to understand the retention level of each and every student.


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